What is the concept of beauty?

concept of beauty


The word beauty is complex and unlimited, and beauty can be defined in a superficial way as pleasing the eye when seeing something, and beauty lies around us in everything. It is a kind of art that awakens amazement, feelings, and the deepest feelings of humanity within us. As for inner beauty, it is what a person thinks of himself, when he is confident in himself, his inner beauty increases, but if he is not confident in himself, his beauty decreases, and outer beauty is the one whose definition changes according to the current fashion, which changes its turn all the time according to people’s opinion, and it is also concerned with appearance. It is therefore difficult to live within fashion standards, and in this article, we will learn about these two concepts.


Inner beauty


People these days see celebrities, and the owners of ideal images who make the concept of beauty reduced to the outward appearance, but the appearance of a thing is not enough to express its beauty, there is beauty emanating from the soul, which appears in the personality and feelings, the beautiful person is the one who leaves a smile on the face when remembering Staying beside him brings pride, and the description of beauty can be applied to experiences and experiences in life, such as the moment of birth of a child, the strong emotion between lovers, feelings of condolence between people when a loved one is lost, and anything that touches the heart, and to develop inner beauty, the following can be followed:

The pursuit of wisdom: When trying to live by adhering to the principles of wisdom, inner beauty can be enhanced, and this is through meditation and thinking about our actions, as much can be learned by thinking only, or by writing diaries, or by enjoying the beauty of landscapes, and books of the wise can be read, such as historians and poets, and novelists, where reading helps to acquire knowledge and makes its owner able to express his thoughts, and the pursuit of wisdom is a continuous process; There is always something new to learn, and the ideas of people with extensive experience can be carefully listened to.

Learning generosity: by regularly donating to charities, and it is not required that the donation be only money or property, as time can also be given, such as: sharing food with friends, visiting a relative, visiting neighbors, or buying a gift.

Frankness: This is by expressing what we really want to say in a polite way, living according to the principles we believe in, and not pretending in front of others for the sake of benefit, but it is preferable to pay attention when dealing frankly, by appreciating the appropriate time to speak.

Getting rid of negative feelings: Feelings generally tell us what we like and what we don’t like, so they are important, but we must get rid of negative feelings instead of carrying them inside us for a long time. Because it hurts those who carry it, and you must learn to control feelings as well.


outer beauty


Body beauty


Getting a beautiful body does not require running ten miles a day, but rather he needs to pay attention to the food and work he does, and here are some tips to maintain a beautiful body:


  • Exercise: Exercising for thirty minutes three times a week will give positive results for the body and increase the sense of well-being. Examples of exercise include yoga, swimming, and walking.
  • Healthy food: It is important to follow a healthy diet. To maintain the body from the inside, and to appear well from the outside, it is advised to eat three balanced meals a day and to be careful to eat vegetables and fruits, and many make the mistake of skipping their meals when they want to lose weight; Because that leaves them tired and hungry.
  • Balance: When striving to have a beautiful body, it is important not to overdo it with exercise. When feeling very tired or sick, exercise can be skipped or diet reduced.


Skin beauty


The healthy and clean appearance of the skin enhances our feeling in a better way, and the skin can be taken care of by cleaning it and using the appropriate moisturizer for it, and it is advised to avoid staying in the sun for a long time regardless of the skin color, and care must be taken to apply a sunscreen cream that contains a protection factor of no less than About 15 SPF when exposed to the sun, and it is recommended to drink plenty of water, as the water moisturizes the skin, combats flaking and dryness, and those with oily skin are advised to wash their skin twice a day and use a lotion to prevent acne, and if the skin is dry, it is preferable to use a mild lotion and then moisturize Skin, and it is recommended to use lip balm to take care of it, especially in the winter.


Beauty in the modern era


The effect of modified images on the concept of beauty


With the wide spread of photo editing applications on phones, the ideal beauty that was confined to celebrities and models of fashion magazines has become available to everyone, and because photo editing technology raises the level of beauty to an inaccessible level, the harm of these images may be greater than their benefit, as experts say that the spread of the concept of Beauty as the ideal in the outward appearance changes people’s perceptions of beauty, and this negatively affects a person’s view and self-esteem, and a new psychological disorder has appeared related to photo editing applications, and those affected by it seek plastic surgeries to help them appear like modified versions of themselves, and personal photos Improved and treated by losing the sense of realism, and makes the person think that he is supposed to look perfect like her, and the group of society most affected by these ideas are adolescents and young adults, and body dysmorphic disorder is known as a mental disorder that obstructs, which requires preoccupation with noticing defects in the appearance of the body, and trying to hide them in ways Unhealthy and exaggerated, visiting dermatologists and plastic surgeons frequently to change their outward appearance, this disorder affects 2% of people and is classified as a spectrum of obsessive-compulsive disorder.


Spending on beauty


Women and men face a lot of pressure to look their best, as a survey in America showed that 25% of men and 21% of women need more than half an hour to get ready to go out every morning, and that time is divided between showering, hairdressing, applying cosmetics, and spending Women spend a lot of money on buying makeup, as it was found in a 2014 statistical report that the cosmetics industry earns more than $55 billion annually, and the use of cosmetics has become part of our daily routine, and many women do not think that living is possible without them, and they take Cosmetics and hair care are not a small part of the expense, as a company specializing in beauty published a report that women between the ages of 16 and 65 years old shop for cosmetics at least five times a year, and they spend $43 each time, which is equivalent to $215 a year. On average, a woman spends $15,000 on cosmetics over her lifetime.





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