How do I take care of myself

How do I take care of myself in all respects?

personal cleanliness


Self-care can be achieved through adherence to hygiene standards, which are as follows:


  • Washing and bathing the body permanently, preferably every day if possible.
  • Brushing the teeth at least once a day, or brushing them after finishing each meal, in order to avoid gum disease and tooth decay.
  • Washing hair with soap or shampoo at least once a week.
  • Wash hands with soap after going to the toilet.
  • Washing hands with soap before preparing food, as well as before eating it, and after completing daily activities such as playing and working, as leaving germs on the hands and under the nails leads to the occurrence of many diseases, and for this reason, hands must be washed frequently.
  • Constantly changing clothes, washing dirty clothes with laundry soap before wearing them again, and spreading clothes in the sun to dry, as sunlight helps kill some germs and disease-causing parasites.

healthy nutrition


Care must be taken to follow a healthy and beneficial diet for the body, and this diet contains plant nutrients that help a person maintain the health of blood vessels, as well as maintain the health and safety of the heart, so it is recommended to eat fruits and vegetables, and foods rich in omega-3.


Maintaining the dwelling


It is possible to take care of oneself by paying attention to the living atmosphere surrounding oneself, and therefore it is necessary to arrange the place of living, as the choice of the place of residence affects personal feeling, and the arrangement of the house is through adding beautiful colors to the house, as well as decorations, and adding plants, and thus taking care of the environment Surrounding is tantamount to self-care.




Personal culture can lead to self-development and care, and the acquisition of culture is by reading a book, learning a new language, or entertaining oneself by solving mazes, crosswords, puzzles, and other self-entertaining matters.


Taking care of self-health


The integrity and health of the body must be maintained, so it is necessary to do regular check-ups and take care of the body by taking a restful sleep, eating healthy food, and attention should be paid to mental health, and not turning feelings of depression, and if a feeling of exhaustion occurs, you must consult a therapist or doctor.


Avoid stressing yourself


All things that cause pressure must be avoided, so it is necessary to focus on accomplishing the most important work, and it is preferable to take leave from work, in order to relieve oneself from work pressures, and it is worth noting that the individual remains in contact and close to his close and favorite people, And the pressure of his work should not lead to his isolation from the external environment, and from his social and personal relationships, just as a person must take care of himself by facing his problems, and work to solve them, and therefore he must not escape and hide from the problems that the individual faces, but must work to find solutions to them.


Doing exercise


The body should be permanently active, and for this one must empty oneself to exercise, and this can be by practicing walking for 30 minutes, and wandering in the external environment, as this will help improve the mood, and increase the energy and activity of the body.





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