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Women’s Elegance


An elegant woman is characterized by politeness, kindness, and respect, and cares about her outward appearance as an integral part of her daily routine, and her life in general. The article will explain some simple steps by which a woman can maintain her elegance.


How to be an elegant woman


Elegance in clothes


For a woman to be elegant in her clothes, this does not mean spending a lot of money, but rather it requires a good taste in choosing and coordinating clothes and accessories, and to facilitate this, some tips can be followed, which are:


  • Choose one main piece when coordinating clothes, and the rest of the pieces are consistent with it.
  • Avoid matching a piece of clothing that is patterned with another piece of leather, or that contains patterns.
  • Choosing pants or skirts can increase the appearance and length of the legs.
  • Constantly changing the colors and designs of clothes so that the appearance does not look boring.
  • Avoid coordinating more than three colors when coordinating clothes. Shoes, accessories, and decorative clothes can be excluded.
  • Taking care of the cleanliness of the clothes, ironing them according to the instructions mentioned on the label, and cleaning the shoes before leaving the house.
  • Choosing only one popular brand; Because collecting more than one piece from different famous brands will not look elegant, for example, a bag from a famous brand can suffice.
  • Choose comfortable clothes, appropriate to the size and shape of the body.
  • Finding the basics of clothing in an elegant woman’s wardrobe, such as a white shirt, a black jacket, black heels, and a short black dress. These items are among the basics that can be coordinated so that they look amazing.
  • Choose clothes according to the weather.
  • Thinking about clothes when buying them, as it is not enough to like a piece of clothing when buying it, in addition to buying pieces that can be coordinated with the clothes available in the house in the first place, and it is not necessary to follow fashion completely, but it is possible to buy clothes that women love and coordinate them with a modern piece.
  • Choosing a beautiful bag is very important in elegance and is a beautiful complement to the outfit, and choosing high-heeled shoes that it is comfortable at the same time and suitable for the intended place.
  • Modesty in clothing gives women an elegant appearance and good taste.
  • Accessories are very important for an elegant appearance, and they must always be worn, and of course without exaggeration, and coordinated in an elegant manner, such as wearing a large necklace, or a small earring, and not wearing broken or unpolished ones.
  • Avoid wearing clothes that are too wide or too tight, balance the sizes of the upper and lower pieces of clothing, and coordinate clothes well, such as not wearing a tight skirt with a loose blouse.
  • Wear clothes according to the occasion, such as not wearing white when attending weddings, or wearing evening clothes on morning and daily occasions.
  • Knowing the right colors for women that make them look more beautiful makes it easier to coordinate and choose clothes.
  • Coordinating clothes and their colors in a way that is sometimes out of the ordinary, but elegant at the same time.
    Choosing distinctive, high-quality pieces, especially the basic pieces.
  • Find inspiration from fashion shows, magazines, and other ways to learn about fashion.
  • Wearing classic clothes and accessories always gives an elegant look.
  • Wearing jeans elegantly has many ways, such as wearing straight-leg jeans with heeled shoes, or skinny jeans with long thigh-high boots with a long jacket and button-up shirt.


Elegance in makeup


Soft, natural makeup suitable for skin tone, use mascara and eyeliner in moderation, eye shadow in neutral colors, and bold color lipstick such as red can be applied.

Elegance in hairstyles

Elegance in hairstyles


There are many elegant hairstyles, some of which are for long hair, and others for short hair, including:


long hair

If the hair is soft, flowing, or wavy, the woman can style it to look elegant. Some of these hairstyles are:

  • Soft long wavy hair.
  • Long straight hair.
  • Long wavy hair with bangs.
  • Long ponytail.


short hair

There are many elegant hairstyles for short hair, including:

  • The pixie is smooth and soft.
  • high cake
  • Classic soft curry.
  • Side parted pixie.



Elegance in dealing with others



An elegant woman has a style that she follows when dealing with others, which is:


  • Treat others with kindness and respect.
  • Have good manners.
  • Compliment others, and appreciate their efforts.
  • Balance in behavior, and show confidence by using body language.
  • Self-control, and maintaining composure, no matter the circumstances.
  • Independence in making decisions and acting accordingly.
  • Speak in respectful and polite language.
  • Control of emotions, rationality.
  • Setting personal boundaries, and not allowing others to transgress them.
  • Honesty in dealing with others.
  • Positivity in dealing with others, and with surrounding events.
  • Resolve disputes effectively, directly with the person concerned.
  • Trying to understand others.
  • Apologizing sincerely and from the heart when wrongdoing others.


Tips for women to take care of themselves


Elegant women are mature, feminine, attractive, and self-confident. There are several tips for women to take care of themselves, including:


  • Maintaining personal hygiene such as body and hair hygiene, using deodorants, and brushing teeth.
  • Nail care, especially from trimming and nail polish.
  • Skincare through a daily skincare routine such as moisturizing and exfoliating.
  • Putting on distinctive and soft perfumes, such as perfume with the scent of flowers such as jasmine, and other beautiful perfumes, and dedicating a perfume for ordinary days, and a perfume for evening occasions.
  • Taking care of physical health by eating healthy food, and exercising increases agility and physical fitness.
  • Taking care of the surrounding environment is like taking care of the cleanliness of the house, and not leaving it messy.
  • Good posture such as walking upright, head held high, standing, and sitting upright, and polite


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