The best types of domestic cats

The best types of domestic cats


Many people prefer to have a cat that fits into the house, and here are the best types of domestic cats:

Siamese cat


The Siamese cat descends from short-haired breeds, which originate in Thailand, and is distinguished by the shape of its small face, its full body, and its slender feet, and it is characterized by the presence of colored places on its face, ears, feet, and tail, and the Siamese cats are distinguished by their intelligence. The Siamese cat has blue eyes, and this cat is usually loud, and it arrived in the United States in 1878 AD when it was gifted by the American consul to President Hayes and his wife.


Persian cat


It is also known as the Shirazi cat, and it is characterized by its long, soft, and beautiful hair that requires great and regular care, and its face differs from the rest of the cats as its face is flat. Unfortunately, this type of cat is exposed to many diseases such as kidney and heart diseases. The Persian cat is famous for its calm and gentle personality, and it is distinguished for being emotional, so it is one of the cats that many people prefer to own and raise, and it must be noted that its origin dates back to Persia, and despite the development of its breed, color, and body shape, its thick and long fur is still the same…


Maine Queen cat


The Maine Queen cat is characterized by its thick and beautiful hair and its brown color, but it is found in many other colors. It is also characterized by having large feet and additional toes, which makes it distinctive, as it can be used in hunting in icy areas, as its large feet help it walk on ice. The Maine Queen cat came to North America, and it is characterized as a smart and funny cat and is rather large in size, and it is considered one of the best types of breeds that can be raised at home, and it must be noted that it is an easy-to-train cat and its behavior is similar to that of dogs, as it loves its owner and plays with him.


Ragdoll cat


The ragdoll cat is one of the beautiful cats that resemble dolls, hence its name, as it is distinguished by its wonderful blue eyes, long hair, and it is a docile cat, and it can be dealt with easily. The ragdoll cat is characterized by calmness, relaxation, and tenderness, as it is a very friendly and polite cat, and one of the best types of cats that can be raised at home, as it loves its owner, and can deal with children gently, as it accepts the presence of other animals in the same house, and it can also be taught some tricks.


Bengal cat


The Bengal cat is one of the cats that resemble tigers, and this type of cat resulted from the mating of a domestic cat with a wild cat and inherited the spots that cover its body from the wild cat, and its name was derived from the Asian tiger, which is a domesticated cat. The Bengal cat is smart, has an athletic body, loves fun and playing with water, is trainable, and can quickly integrate with a family inside a house.


Scotch fold cat


The Scottish Fold cat is considered one of the best types of domestic cats, as it is gentle and easy to adapt to the surroundings, as it is calm and easy to deal with, and it can accept the presence of other pets such as dogs or cats, and it also accepts the presence of children around it, and it must be noted that it does not prefer to be He stays inside the house alone for a long time, and he is distinguished by his folded ears and his calm and endearing personality.




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