How to be a lovely girl

lovely girl


The love of others


Loving others is a mutual process and a culture that revolves around great and sublime principles, most notably giving and initiative, which in turn coincides with self-love and respect, as one needs to build healthy and kind relationships with those around him; In order to reach comfort, happiness, and stability with the surrounding society, and because relationships are based on respect and affection, one must accept the feelings of others and take the initiative towards them and respond to these feelings in a gentle and polite manner. To support communication, and achieve affection whose effects are reflected on them, its fruits grow to create bonding and intimacy that bring their hearts closer and strengthen their relationships.


How to be a girl liked by others


There are many ways that a girl can follow to win the affection and love of others around her, including the following:


The ability to communicate and manage dialogue


A good dialogue with others is a way to win their love and respect, which is a decisive matter that changes their view of women, and makes them distinguished and kind in their view, and this is not limited to a polite and gentle conversation with them only, but also to their different style and ability to manage the dialogue effectively and purposefully, by listening to points of view. Considering, accepting, and respecting others, even if it conflicts with the girl’s own desires and opinions, and expressing her points of view and expressing them in a logical manner calmly and smoothly, that is, thinking about what she will reveal in depth before telling others about it, and selecting polite words that reflect her culture and personality distinguished by wisdom and balance, openness, tolerance, and tolerance the responsibility of her words; Because the desires and opinions of others do not necessarily coincide with her desires and her own view of things.


Use body language positively


Body language is an effective method and part of non-verbal communication with others that a girl can benefit from in supporting and consolidating her relationships, by following the following tips:


  • Conveying deep, sincere, and positive feelings through gentle facial expressions indicates the girl’s happiness in communicating with those around her, which in turn makes them feel comfortable and develops feelings of intimacy and affection between them.
  • Using eye contact correctly, as the eye looks plays a major role in consolidating relationships by focusing on the listeners and expressing interest in them through them, which coincides with the way of looking, eye blinking, and other visual cues that support communication with them.
  • Using other body gestures that are made through the rest of the body, such as waving and movement of the hands, and the way of standing and sitting with others; are all means to support and enhance communication when used correctly.
  • Understanding and receiving the body language of the other party correctly; As understanding it will help to respond and take the initiative towards it in a positive and purposeful manner.


Having a distinctive and attractive personality


The girl’s personality greatly affects her relationships, and it is considered an important element and key to successful communication that makes her enjoy the love and affection of others, by following the following tips:


  • Enjoying a sense of humor and a sense of humor that makes her attractive and kind, by laughing and smiling with others and interacting with their jokes with the intention of entertaining herself and engaging with them and making them happy as well.
  • Taking care of personal elegance and paying attention to the rules of hygiene, which include: preserving a fragrant and pleasant smell, regular bathing, observing the rules of hygiene and elegance always, wearing beautiful clothes that are consistent with her texture, style, and personality, in addition to using cosmetics and various care creams that highlight her beauty, and increase her femininity and tenderness, and enhance Her attractiveness, and thus gives her the admiration of others around her.
  • Being different from others, not following them in a way that contradicts the girl’s desires, style, and personality, and avoiding blind imitation that erases her independence and makes her similar to many of her peers and girls of her generation, and in return she is passionate and distinguished from them and has an independent identity that is unique to them.
  • Avoiding seeking attention and loving others in an exaggerated way makes the girl forget her goals and other meaningful aspirations in this life, and not try to cause chaos and noise to search for lights and gain attention only, but rather work hard, strive, persistence and success that really makes her a distinguished and beloved personality and a source of inspiration to others.



Maintaining a bright smile


The beautiful and bright smile is one of the gentle features that reflects the girl’s tenderness and earns her the affection and love of others. As she makes those around her feel comfortable and expresses her good mood, and encourages them to communicate with her more and enhance their relations, as she is in harmony with her feelings and internal, gentle, and kind qualities that she has for those around her, and thus brings the distances between them closer, and makes them smile in turn as well, and on the other hand, the smile is one of the citizen’s Attractiveness and delicacy that highlight the softness and gentleness of the girl, thus increasing her elegance and charming beauty in front of others.


Kindness and delicacy in dealing


People like to deal with a kind, polite and gentle girl, who behaves with tact and taste with them, as well as being kind and good manners, so that she does not mistreat others with intent, apologizes when they are wrong, and acknowledges their status and the importance of their presence and their roles, each according to his position, and in return she tolerates them and does not exaggerate her Courtesies appear in a negative way, but rather tell the truth in a decent manner that takes into account the feelings of those around her, in addition to her initiative to provide assistance as much as she can to those who need it and extend a helping hand to them, respecting their feelings and working for their happiness and comfort, so she is a model of kindness and a good example that the other party is proud to deal with and feels attracted towards her and the value of her presence in his life.


Self-esteem and respect


Since self-love is considered the basis for obtaining the affection and respect of others; not accepting the girl will not

Her dissolution and reconciliation with herself will make her feel that she is not worthy of winning their love and admiration, and thus it will be difficult for her to engage in healthy relationships with them, or misunderstand their feelings towards her and deal with them inappropriately and sometimes be sensitive to them. Thus, self-love begins with her accepting her faults and advantages, dealing correctly with her weaknesses, and overcoming them. So as not to affect her or constitute an obstacle that threatens her relationships, but self-love also does not mean exaggeration and arrogance, or looking at others with a look of arrogance and condescension to them in any way; Because that will certainly prevent them from getting close to her, loving her, or accepting her, no matter how high her status is or how distinguished her personality is, and no matter how beautiful she is as well.





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