How to make your husband understand you?

One of the women says, I have been married for a long time and I live a good life with my husband, he is a good man and does not do anything that makes me sad and he cares about me a lot, but I often feel that he does not understand me or my feelings and the difficult things I am going through. Unfortunately, this is the case for many other women. They live a happy and reassuring life, but they feel that their husband does not understand them or what she is going through, and this makes them sad and feels that she is far from their husband. Therefore, in this article, we will answer the question: How do I make my husband understand me?, and we will explain The importance of understanding between spouses.


How do you make your husband understand you?

If you are wondering how to make my husband understand me, here are some tips to help you:


Communicate with your husband
Constructive communication with your husband is the most important step to making your husband understand you because it allows him to get to know you better and know your feelings and perceptions about life in a deeper way, and thus he can know what you are thinking about and the things you are going through, which makes it easier for him to understand you and deal with you in a way that satisfies you.

Make communication between you and your husband a major matter in your life, and communication must be beneficial for both parties, so that each person can recognize, appreciate and respect the personality and way of thinking of his life partner, and seek to use it to improve marital life between them.


Respect his point of view
If mutual respect is essential in your marital life, your husband will understand you, appreciate your point of view, and respect your feelings, even if you disagree, because he will feel that you care about the relationship between you two, and he will see that you respect his opinions and way of thinking.

Mutual respect between the spouses must prevail, otherwise, marital life becomes unbearable, as a result of the spouses dealing with each other in a bad way during and after the dispute, and you find that the spouses do not respect each other and do not appreciate the point of view of their life partner, and of course, they will not understand what their life partner is going through.


Be calm and patient
There is no doubt that your husband’s lack of understanding of your feelings and way of thinking makes you upset, but you must maintain your calm and deal with the situation wisely so that you maintain the affection and love between you and your husband.

You should also give your husband a suitable time to think about your point of view, and not pressure him to agree with your thinking know that the best way to make your husband understand you are to deal with the situation wisely and to explain your point of view to your husband calmly and gently, away from anger and nervousness.


Explain your point of view to your husband
If you find that your husband does not accept your point of view and rejects it. You must explain to him the reasons that prompted you to adopt this idea. And to ask him to put himself in your place, and that dialogue should be within the framework of a quiet discussion. Not under accusations.

Explain to your husband your point of view in a direct and simple way. The man becomes distracted when the woman acts nervous when making her point and brings topics to each other.


Understand your husband’s point of view
If your husband rejects your point of view and you feel that he does not understand you, you must ask him about the reasons that prompted him to refuse. This calls for understanding between the two of you, and he may have a convincing reason for refusal that you do not know.

After your husband explains the reasons for his rejection, you must balance things out and be fair in dealing with the situation. So that you don’t prove your position if you find yourself wrong. But if you feel that you are still right, you can explain your point of view to your husband in a gentle way.


Choose the right words
You must choose the appropriate words when you explain your point of view to your husband. For example, use the word “I” instead of the word “you”, because throwing accusations at him is not a good thing and will not lead to a solution that satisfies both parties. Rather, he will insist on his position and you will feel that your husband does not fully understand you. Larger.

If you are sad because your husband does not spend much time with you, you can say, “I feel sad when you are away” instead of saying, “You never sit with me, you do not understand me.” Attacking is not a good way to reach a solution with your husband.



Make your expectations reasonable
When a woman asks: How do I make my husband understand me? she must know that she will not agree on all matters with her husband. This simply does not happen because the nature of each person’s thinking differs from the other.

Make your expectations reasonable when you ask your husband to understand you so that you ask him to agree with you on the things you think are important and ignore the things that you don’t care about much.


The importance of understanding between spouses

After we talked about how to make my husband understand me, we must explain the importance of understanding between spouses.

The couple needs to find a way of communication that guarantees them a stable and calm married life. As a large number of differences between the spouses leads to bickering and the occurrence of many quarrels that harm the family entity. And take away happiness from her.

Spouses do not have to agree on everything. Rather, they must respect each other and work together to find a solution that satisfies both parties through meaningful dialogue. To ensure a happy married life full of love and peace.




Lamia Hussein

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