How can I be a friend to my son?

The friendship between fathers and children is very important, as it helps parents to understand their children better and know how they think. This makes it easier for them to deal with them wisely, create a happy family, and if you are looking for an answer to your question: How can I be a friend to my son? Continue reading the article.


How can I be a friend to my son?

Most parents cannot establish a friendship with their children. Because they do not want their children to understand and do not see that they can handle things wisely. Parents dictate orders and prohibitions without any regard for the child’s opinion. Which eliminates any chance of establishing a friendship between them. Therefore, we will explain the following the most important things that you must follow in order to be a friend to your son:


Take time to get to know your child
If you want to be a friend to your child, you must first get to know him better so that you can get to know his interests, his outlook on life, his way of thinking, and the events he goes through. You can achieve this by setting aside regular time to spend with your child.

Take time to talk to your child and let him tell you about things that are going on in his life and his interests. Because getting to know your child well makes it easier for you to deal with him and helps you to find common points between you. Which strengthens the bonds between you and your child and makes you two close friends.


Make your child trust you
You must make your child trust you completely so that you can know everything in his life. And you can gain your child’s trust by being honest and honest, keeping your promises, treating him like an adult, and giving him your trust.

If your child feels that you treat him like an adult, trust him, and treat him with respect, he won’t just be your best friend. Rather, it will develop his skills and make him self-confident and quick to seek advice from you when he needs it. He tells you all the things that are on his mind.


Be on par with your child
If you want to be your child’s friend, it is important to make him or her feel like an equal. It is unreasonable to expect your child to treat you as his friend and you dictate orders to him and never care about his opinion.

Consult your son on occasion, about work, home, or other matters that concern you. This will make your child feel that you treat him as your equal and thus he will become your friend. It can also point you to something that you really benefit from.

If your child is young and does not give you good advice, you can consult him on matters that do not greatly affect your life and then implement his suggestion so that your child feels that he has a considered opinion with you, and this will also make him seek your advice when he needs it.


Tell your child some funny jokes
Some studies have found that the best way to spend quality time with your son and make him a friend is to tell him some funny jokes that help him get through his day, and break the stereotype about parents that they are gloomy people who do not know the meaning of happiness.

Also, laughing with your son is a good way to get to know him better by making him tell you the funny situations that happened with him at school or university, which strengthens the bonds of friendship between you and your son realizes that he is having a good time with you.


Do not judge his actions
It is important for your child to feel that you respect him and consider him an adult who can handle his affairs on his own without trying to change his behavior.

Let your child make some decisions that suit his age, for example, let him choose the color of his room that he wants and how to arrange the furniture, and if your son is old, let him choose the university major he wants, and stay away from judging his behavior and describing it as naive and immature and that he does not behave well.


Go on a trip with your child
Perhaps going on a trip with your child is the best way to strengthen the bonds of friendship between you, because it allows you to get to know each other within the framework of entertainment, and thus the bonds of friendship between you will become better.

It is important to know that children love parents who have a sense of humor and spend quality time with them because most children have a stereotypical idea about parents, which is that they are not fun and do not take into account their needs, and always control their behavior. If you break the stereotype, you will be a close friend to your son.

If you apply the previous tips, you will see that you have become closer to your son. And you will see that your son greatly welcomed the idea of being friends. Because kids love to spend quality time with their parents but they don’t always get it.


In the end, after we have answered the question: How can I be a friend to my son? you must be balanced in dealing with your child so that you are a friend to him and set some boundaries between you so as not to lose control and your son continues to respect you as his father first and then as a friend because spoiling your child too much will make him rebel And so things will get worse.





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