How do you deal with your angry husband?

angry husband


Mostly, men get angry more than women, due to the pressures that a man is exposed to without venting on himself in any way. Women ask how I deal with my husband when he gets angry. This is the topic of our article.


How do you deal with your husband when he gets angry?

The husband has a great responsibility, between the responsibility of the house and meeting their needs, the responsibility to the children, and the responsibility of the wife and her interests. And his duty towards his family and friends, to share with them their joys and sorrows, and to do his work to the fullest.

And the man by nature, if he feels that he is falling short in any aspect, especially towards his household, we find him angry and he may raise his voice or speak inappropriate words in and harsh manner, so how do you deal with your husband when he gets angry?



Review your actions in the situation
Your actions and actions in that situation may have played a major role in the husband’s anger without realizing it, and remember to be honest with yourself. If you have caused your husband’s wrath, you must own up to your actions and perhaps apologize if the situation is appropriate. But if you have nothing to do with his anger, you should calm the conflict and not increase its ignition, and then explain the mistakes that your husband made at a later time.


Don’t meet anger with anger
In fact, confronting anger with anger does not solve the problem, but rather makes matters worse, as if you are putting fuel on the fire, and your husband’s anger increases, and dire consequences may occur. Therefore, try to control yourself and remain calm in your words and actions, as this will reduce the anger of the husband.


Don’t be completely silent
Complete silence and silence may exacerbate your husband’s anger. When he gets angry, he is possessive, waiting for any reaction from you. Remaining silent increases anger in some people, as he feels that you are indifferent and that you do not care about it. So speak calmly and try to choose your words well and talk to him as if he is your lover and not your enemy.


Do not forgive him for mistreatment
Even if your husband is angry, do not forgive him for mistreating you. Always remember to set limits, and remember the adage that there is no excuse for abuse.

If the husband gets angry and abuses you or insults you, you must stop him at his limit without increasing his anger, and if you do not do that, he increases his insult and mistreatment of you without realizing it. emotionally.


Try to find out why he is angry
Knowing the reason for your husband’s anger is the beginning of the solution if you think that his anger is the result of pressures at work, problems with his friends, or situations he was exposed to. Try to help him find the solution and pour out your tenderness and love on him at that moment. But remember that the husband may not like sharing his personal affairs with his wife, especially those that relate to his friends, so do not press him too much.


Know when to end an argument with your angry husband
Unfortunately, it is not always possible to deal with an angry husband and resolve the issue. If you feel that your husband’s anger cannot be controlled, ask him to end the discussion and do that as well. Then, if you get the chance to talk again at a later time, do so




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