How do I know I’m shy?

Signs that I am shy


Tendencies to listen


Shy people tend to listen well to the people around them and devote a lot of time to hearing others, and it does not appear that they prefer to go to another place, and they do not think about how they will respond to the speaker, and these are among the capabilities that help to communicate with different groups of people, and build friendships with people in various areas of life.


He hated speaking in front of others


Shy people hate speaking in front of crowds and a group of people, so that they are the center of attention of others somewhere, and the reason for their shyness is that they suffer from stuttering while talking, not receiving an immediate response from others, feeling nervous, lack of self-confidence, and always thinking bad things, they are They prefer talking to one person, or exchanging ideas by writing.


Not to mix with people


Shy people are usually quiet, and they do not prefer to open up with others a lot, for example, shy people may be in school, they know the answer but do not share it with others, they do not communicate with professors and colleagues, and when they pass by someone they know, they try to avoid eye contact with him, and not Starting a conversation with them without a specific reason, and thinking a lot before speaking, but one of the advantages of shy people is that they show their modesty, by not engaging in conversations, or making gestures that attract attention, as they have a comfortable personality that attracts others to them and makes them trust them, where friendship relationships can be developed More profound, and they are sensitive to the feelings of others.


redness and sweating


When a person feels ashamed or embarrassed in some situations, he may find himself red-faced and sweaty more than usual. The face may turn red for no apparent reason in embarrassing or tense situations, as a reaction is activated that leads to the release of more adrenaline into the bloodstream, which means increased blood flow to the face, neck, and ears. Anxiety and nervousness can cause increased sweating in the face and underarms. These are clear symptoms of embarrassment, shyness, or nervousness often.





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