How should a husband treat his wife?

The way a husband treats his wife


The husband treats his wife in a good way that makes her happy to live with him, and makes her feel comfortable and stable, by following the following methods:


Communicate with kindness and cordiality


A husband can communicate with his wife and understand her feelings better through the following tips:


Understanding the wife: Understanding the wife is better by listening to her, giving her an opportunity to express her opinion and feelings clearly without interrupting her or dictating what she should do, or predicting what she wants, and speaking and choosing on her behalf, but rather making her decide, choose and share with the husband the responsibility of making decisions that pertain to their relationship. marriage and their family life.

Good communication with her: through purposeful and constructive dialogue in which all parties are equal in rights and duties, and this includes the wife’s right to express and speak, and the husband must listen to her and ask her when he wants to understand her more and disagree with her in a friendly and polite manner without interrupting her, and he can speak more gently With her, and discussing her while holding her hand to make her feel more loved and safe.


Mutual respect and appreciation


The spouses must maintain mutual respect between them in all situations and circumstances. Among the manifestations of the husband’s respect for his wife are the following:


Tolerance and forgiveness: The husband must be kind to his wife and merciful with her, so he takes into account her psychological fluctuations, forgives some of her mistakes, and forgives her for her unintended behavior, in addition to not mocking her when she goes through difficult circumstances that may make her moody or disordered behavior, but rather understands and sympathizes with her more.

Showing gratitude and thanks: There are some behaviors that a woman does for her husband and her family that require gratitude and praise from the husband. Showing a little gratitude and taste will make her happier, and it is also necessary out of respect, cordiality, and good relations between spouses.


Building trust and loyalty to her


The husband must establish a healthy, stable, and successful relationship with his wife by building trust in her, which requires him to be faithful and loyal to her, fully commit to their relationship, and create an atmosphere of safety and tranquility between them, and this does not mean restricting their freedom, but rather obtaining private spaces for both of them, and leaving The wife develops and continues her relationship with her friends and the rest of her relatives without restricting her freedom, and the same applies to him while preserving, in the end, the covenants and covenants that unite them and oblige them to make the relationship a first priority before anything, in addition to him being a reliable husband, and his wife can believe in him, believe him and trust him in a way Tam, and his diligence in maintaining this precious trust.


Express your great love for her


The wife needs to hear the kind, sweet words from her husband from time to time, which make her feel his constant love for her, his happiness in living with her, that he can flirt with her, and tell her his gratitude for her face in his life, and that he loves her more every day, and confirm that he is very happy with her and that the moments they spend together each The day is the most precious, because all these warm phrases and other deep romantic words have a great impact on the wife and are a reason to bring happiness and reassurance to her heart, and it is the duty of the husband to express it to her without hesitation or shame.


Take care of it and make it a priority


The wife is happy when she feels that her dear husband is interested in her, that she is one of his priorities, and that he cannot do without her. Among the manifestations of this interest are the following:


  • He gave her some time and cared for her well-being and happiness despite his busyness, such as dedicating the day off to go out with her instead of relaxing at home.
  • Apologizing for a mistake in her right immediately when the husband is unable to meet her request, or to complete the plans agreed upon between them due to some circumstance, and not to leave her, or to be indifferent to her feelings.
  • Behaving in a way that makes the wife feel her husband’s attention and consideration for her feelings, such as giving preference to friends, co-workers, and other hobbies.
  • Behave with caution and politeness in front of other women and avoid provoking jealousy or stressing her feelings and making her suspicious.



Help and support her constantly


The wife needs her husband to stand by her side, take responsibility for her, and support her through the following methods:


  • Providing emotional, moral, and practical support to the wife and helping her achieve her goals and aspirations.
  • Enhancing the wife’s efforts, praising her achievements from time to time, and expressing happiness and pride for her when she succeeds.
  • Showing admiration for her personality, abilities, and outward appearance; To increase her self-confidence and encouraging her to progress and persevere.



Tips for a Husband to treat his wife nicely


The husband can show more love and affection, and treat his wife well, through the following methods:


  • Gentle eye contact when talking to the wife, which expresses interest by looking closely and focusing on her.
  • Attention to the small details that concern the wife, which men may not pay attention to, and to meet her needs and desires as much as possible.
  • Spending enough time with the children and assuming their responsibilities alongside the wife, and happy and good family communication between them.
  • Create a private space for the spouses away from the problems and working conditions, and from the inconvenience and responsibility of the children, so that this time is private for the spouses only to exchange love and feelings between them, which strengthens their relationship.
  • Presenting special gifts to her from time to time as an expression of his love and interest in her.
  • Managing differences wisely and cautiously, taking into account not to disturb or hurt the wife’s feelings, and avoiding major differences that may affect their relationship.



The marital relationship


It is a strong bond that brings together the hearts of the couples and makes them harmonize with each other permanently and is built on love and affection that drives them to strive in order to achieve balance and stability in the relationship and make it

Healthier, and grows with the passage of time, which makes them make concessions and sacrifices to each other, in order to maintain affection and marital happiness in their lives that they spend with hope and optimism, and that bear some difficulties and obstacles, or the occurrence of disputes that they can manage and overcome calmly and smoothly through meaningful dialogue, and constructive communication to live in harmony, tranquility, and family peace



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