How can I be a female in the truest sense of the word

Does the word female apply to me in its true sense?


Get a feminine look


There are many tips and steps that can be followed to obtain a feminine appearance, but in the end it is necessary to adopt what is compatible with the personality, and what gives a feeling of comfort to the lady, and among the general instructions in this regard:


Wearing appropriate clothes by choosing clothes of the appropriate size that show the beauty of the body, and this does not mean wearing tight clothes but rather means avoiding very loose clothes, which hide the fitness and features of the body, so the body shape and appropriate clothing must be taken into consideration.
Choosing bright clothes, because in order for the female to have a beautiful and attractive appearance, whether in clothes, accessories, shoes, or bags, it is also advised to use precious stones such as emeralds in the fall season to beautify autumn clothes, as colors are always associated with activity and beauty.
Don’t overdo the makeup, it’s better to leave room for natural beauty.


Health care


The female must enjoy good health and physical fitness, and therefore it is recommended to visit a doctor when exposed to any health problem because the charm of femininity comes from health, activity, and vitality, and in order to obtain good health, a healthy lifestyle must be followed by eating healthy foods, especially fruits and vegetables, and maintaining weight Stay healthy, stop smoking, manage stress, get enough sleep each night, and exercise on a regular basis.


Being ethical


There are many qualities that a girl must possess in order to be a female in the full sense of the word, including:


  • Humility: All people face many pressures in life, and therefore it is necessary to be humble, positively accept personal qualities, and accept the beauty in everyone without comparisons.
  • Kindness: Speaking softly and being kind to people is a powerful way to communicate and attract others. A beautiful woman is a woman who is able to give and receive love in a balanced way.
  • Encouraging others: All people fail and fall, and the real female is the one who can see the best in everyone and does not rush to judge and accuse.
  • Politeness: The real female does not scream and does not use a high tone of voice to control any discussion, but rather she is wise, intelligent, and always smiling.



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