How do I get my girlfriend to forgive me?

How do I make my girlfriend forgive me?


How to apologize to a girlfriend


An apology is one of the tools used to maintain friendships and social relations. It is not just a word, but also an expression of respect and concern for the feelings of the opposite party, and it shows the extent of sympathy for others and the willingness to confront and atone for the wrong, then the person feels a great improvement and internal satisfaction, and the following is how to apologize From the friend:


Know the reason for the apology


Recognizing the reason for the apology is the first step in which the apology begins, then the girl can coordinate his apology in an appropriate way that suits her and her friend, and among these reasons is harassing the friend intentionally or unintentionally, or wasting or destroying something important to her, or fabricating lies and spreading rumors about her or a person He loves her, intentionally breaking agreed-upon important rules, breaking dates, or any other reason related to her, and in fact, all of them are reasons that require an apology.


the responsibility


Guilt must be admitted when submitting an apology and full responsibility for the mistake committed by the friend towards her friend, and she must be prepared to bear all the consequences, and it is always preferable not to make many justifications; Because it will show that it is defensive and strip itself of responsibility, and besides that, providing justifications for a wrong action is worse than not apologizing in and of itself; Because it means that the friend is not right in her regret, but rather she came to justify her guilt only or to make her friend feel that she is not wrong.


Hurry up to apologize


As soon as a friend feels that she has hurt her friend’s feelings, it is better to quickly apologize to her, and not to postpone the matter until later. Because this will make it more difficult to apologize later and reduce the importance of the issue, and the girlfriend will convince herself that there is no need for an apology and that what she did is not worth all of that, which may lead to ending the relationship between the two friends in the end.


Develop an apology plan


A plan to apologize can be made before you do it. This is to coordinate all thoughts and express feelings correctly, and some points or sentences can be written down on paper, then re-read aloud in front of the mirror, and the ball can be repeated many times to break the barrier of embarrassment, fear, or hesitation, or to rephrase and express an absolute apology.


Offer a direct apology


It is always preferable to offer an apology directly face to face, and in the event that you are unable to be in the same location, you can talk to the friend on the phone or use a smart application, usually hosting the friend in a specific place and bringing her flowers with a nice card, or chocolate with coffee is a movement Smart; To relieve anxiety and tension of the situation, and try to make her happy with the things she loves and prefers.


The power of a sincere apology


The most important thing in an apology is that it stems from the heart, expressing the extent of the sincerity of feelings and true regret at the same time and that it is not merely to improve the image of the friend in front of her friend; Because it will seem far from the truth, with the need to tell the friend not to repeat the mistake, and the mistaken friend must be aware and alert to the words issued by her next time; To avoid the occurrence of disputes.


Politely apologize


It is preferable to choose polite words when starting an apology, and it is not permissible to use a sarcastic style or tell jokes. On the other hand, one must be serious and express an apology clearly, with the need to tell her the real reason behind making the mistake that upset her.



Listen to the girlfriend


It is advisable to listen calmly to the friend’s response after apologizing and asking her for forgiveness, and allowing her to fully express her pain or anger that she felt in the way that comforts her, and it must also be taken into account not to blame her later for her behavior in this situation.


Pardon request


After saying what the charity had to say, she should ask her friend for forgiveness by asking her an abstract question, such as: Do you forgive me? Or can you forgive me for my mistake? These sentences would show how sorry the friend is, and in return, the friend will comfort and make her happy. If the friend accepts the apology, the extent of happiness can be shown by hugging. about the extent of her resentment and regret for her mistake, and care must be taken not to pressure her and force her to forgive; Because that won’t work.




It is preferable to learn from mistakes and focus on fixing the situation, moving forward, and putting things back in perspective, and not repeating the mistake, self-blaming, and self-criticism over and over again. Because that would make it worse.




Tolerance is one of the highest good morals, which is forgiveness when one is able, leniency, dreaming, and abandoning grudges and grudges. When retrieving old memories and bringing up a sad situation or the cause of anger, then the negative feelings will return again to revive the sorrow of the past and perhaps hatred, and at that time the person needs more ability to control psychological stress. But with tolerance, things are much simpler than it is, so the person accepts others around him and deals with all situations and differences with respect.

It is easy to learn tolerance, but its application requires strength, self-reconciliation, and the realization that the worldly life is short, and has no repetition. If it ends, it will not return. It also has many benefits, as it achieves balance in spiritual strength, which in turn improves mental balance, which is followed by the balance in the mind. Emotions and sensations, and finally the physical balance of a person.





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