How can I be a decent person

How can I be a decent person?




Sophistication is one of the distinguishing features that are associated with certain people, and it means tact, good taste, accuracy in dealing with others, elegance of appearance, and polite behavior, in addition to the distinguished style of speaking, the way of expression, and the ability to influence others, which makes these qualities important. Because it leaves a distinctive impact for its owners on those who deal with them, and therefore the woman’s true understanding of the meaning of sophistication reflects positively on her life, her work, and her relationships with others, and the importance of sophistication lies in the fact that it increases the woman’s self-confidence and her satisfaction with her life, and creates a good impression about her and her personality, as Her refined behavior allows others to quickly accept her and want to deal with her, respect and appreciate her.


Classy human qualities


A classy person is characterized by several characteristics that distinguish her from others, including:


Intelligence and wisdom


A classy person behaves in behaviors that show her intelligence and her ability to deal with situations with wisdom and ingenuity, which comes as a result of her practice of some things that increase her knowledge and general information, such as looking at current news and being aware of what is happening around the world and with the people around her, in addition to paying attention to the areas that She loves different sciences such as literature, philosophy, politics, the arts, and others as much as possible, and she tries everything that is new and useful, in addition to reading that broadens her mind’s perceptions and reduces the limitations of her thinking, and increases her understanding of different points of view, and her participation in fruitful discussions that enhance her dialogue style and her ability to persuade agreement and disagreement with others, and its ability to recognize, acknowledge and apologize for its mistakes; Because these mistakes are part of the process of human maturity and increasing awareness.


High morals and principles


The morals and principles of a noble person appear through her words and actions with others, such as her avoidance of lying and deceit, dealing with people with honesty and honesty, respect for all people of different ages, religions, and beliefs, sincerity and perfection in work, love of help and sympathy with others, in addition to offering praise and praise when dealing with Others, when noticing a behavior or something that is impressive and deserves praise and appreciation, you must praise this matter, as this would make others feel satisfied and happy, and it reduces barriers and affectation between them and people, which helps them to communicate with them in a more detailed and successful manner. And they leave a good impression about the qualities of this person.


Self-confidence and expressing it in body language


A classy person trusts herself, her actions, her abilities, and her skills, and her confidence is not shaken by fleeting situations or the opinions and criticisms of others about her. She knows herself well and knows what she needs and what she does not need. She is also proud of herself and what she is and what she presents achievements, and she shows her self-confidence through her body language It represents the open body position expressing a sense of satisfaction, confidence, and strength, and this position includes keeping the shoulders and head raised up and keeping the back straight and not bent while sitting, standing or when walking, in addition to moving the head calmly and slowly when looking towards others, and maintaining a natural smile and eye contact while talking to others.


Pay attention to the outward appearance


The outward appearance includes a woman wearing appropriate clothes, as she must choose the clothes she will wear and other details that are related to her outward appearance accurately so that they are appropriate to the place, time, and event that she will attend. Work clothes differ from party clothes, and sports clothes differ from clothes for going out with friends and family. And the appropriateness between these things reflects her sophistication as a woman, and choosing the appropriate clothes does not mean buying the most expensive clothes, but rather choosing the appropriate high-quality clothes that suit her, and it also includes paying attention to personal hygiene and the general elegant and tidy appearance, in addition to not exaggerating wearing jewelry or applying cosmetics Rather, adopt the simple method.


Tact and politeness in dealing


You should act with tact and politeness with others in all circumstances and times, whether in the workplace, with friends, family members, or with strangers, in addition to careful attention to behavior in all circumstances, such as not dealing with condescension with others, and thinking carefully before rushing to act, and not exaggerating in reaction Action, maintaining calm nerves and poise as much as possible, and bypassing simple problems and situations that do not deserve emotion.


Successful problem solving


A classy person must have a successful method of dealing with the problems that she may face in her life, or that may occur with those around her, in a logical, wise, calm, and impartial manner, and avoid fanaticism, anticipating events and passing judgment on others, for example, if a misunderstanding occurs between her and someone. the people around her, she must confront the person and find out the reasons for the misunderstanding, and try to clarify her point of view and the reason behind her behavior that she did, and this would help both parties understand the cause of the problem and search for the appropriate solution, instead of avoiding talking with the person concerned and addressing the conversation about The problem is in his absence and spreading rumors and gossip about him, or avoiding dealing with him because of a misunderstanding that could have been resolved.


Pick the right words


A classy person should not utter obscene words or use hurtful words, phrases, or jokes to others, and she may be exposed to some situations that call for anger and express quick reactions, which prompts her to utter some inappropriate words in a spontaneous, intuitive and sometimes irresponsible manner, but the classy person is the one who She controls the type of terminology she uses in her conversation with others, in addition to trying to learn the best and most appropriate terminology to maintain her mutual respect with others and his feelings

M, it also uses words of welcome, thanks, and apology when it is necessary





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