The most popular type of ornamental fish

Types of ornamental fish


It was called ornamental fish to be used as an ornament placed in one of the corners of the house, to enjoy some of the magic that the waters of the seas and oceans hide in its depths, and ornamental fish are famous for their small size compared to other types of fish, and the beauty of their shape and their varied picturesque colors, which greatly helped in the human demand to raise them inside Special ponds in homes and offices. It is easy to deal with and raise these fish, given the provision of a suitable climatic environment for them inside the ponds in which they are placed, in addition to providing them with appropriate food within the nutritional value they need for growth and survival. The following is an illustration of some types of ornamental fish:


Fighter fish


It is characterized by its red-golden color, and it is one of the ornamental fish that easily adapts inside the ponds, due to the nature of its life in calm waters, and its ability to obtain oxygen from the air, from the fish. It is not possible to breed two male fighting fish in the same aquarium, due to the aggressive behavior that the males follow It is better to raise them with a group of calm swimming fish, so as not to damage their fins or be attacked and killed, and their food is a few grains that are offered to them every two days.


guppy fish


It is one of the most commonly used fish as ornamental fish, due to its ease of breeding, its low price, and its ability to reproduce within the aquarium environment. It is important to maintain the cleanliness of the aquarium water, and the stability of its temperature so that it does not exceed 27 or less than 23, and a group of them can be raised without posing a danger to each other. Guppies love to be surrounded by green plants, so it is important to provide some green plants in the tank.


molly fish


The molly fish is characterized by its continuous movement and activity, and it is available in several colors, including yellow, silver, and black. It is preferable to raise a group of these fish in isolation from other ornamental fish, especially those that live in freshwater, where the molly fish needs to add salt to the water from time to time and maintain the level of I salted it to prevent her death.


Korean Catfish


It is known among the people as the garbage fish, and although it is the least beautiful among other ornamental fish, there is a great demand for breeding it in ponds, and the reason for this is that it feeds on waste and dead skin residues of fish accumulated in the aquarium, so it keeps the aquarium clean and free of dirt, However, it is one of the weakfish that is threatened by being a favorite food for some large-sized ornamental fish.





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