Kinds of dogs around the world

Kinds of dogs around the world


There are many kinds of dogs  known around the world, and it seems that each type has its own characteristics and characteristics, and the goals of breeding different types are different, and the following are the most prominent types of dogs:


sporting dogs

A group of sports dogs (in English: Sports Dog Group), which are those dogs that are trained with a set of movements such as; Swimming, running fast, and picking up objects from the hooked tools help their owners get on the dirt with what they catch from the small circles in the private quarters. In fact, this type of dog exists in owning a set of tools that enable them to carry out these tasks such as; Possessing a layer of thick hair against harsh hunting conditions, in addition to having exposed feet that give him the ability to run and catch a prey animal, [2] Perhaps one of the most important breeds used for this purpose:

Labrador Retriever, German Shorthaired Pointer


hunting dogs

Hunting dogs in English (in English: Hound Group), has a long and strong atmosphere, and in the same animals, this type of dog has the great ability to run and run quickly. They are used to watch and catch prey with all lightness and speed, and perhaps the most important breeds that are used for this purpose are:

Afghan Hound, Basenji, Bloodhound, Dachshund


working dogs

A working dog group is a service dog for its owners, which is a variety of activities that work. many of them were carried out by working dogs; Hunting or guarding, and some allocate these dogs for bridges, sleds, and other work that is used for the purposes of:

Akita dogs , dogs Alaskan Malamute , dogs , dogs Doberman Pinscher


companion dogs

A group of small or medium-sized dogs and this type of dog loves to interact with large dogs. Companion dogs prefer to stay in their homes and not go out, as is good interaction with the owners of the house a great way, and companion dogs are known for their friendly and gentle behavior most of the time, which encourages people to acquire and raise them, and perhaps the most important breeds that are used to appear:

American Eskimo dogs, Bolognese dogs, Boston Terriers Bichon Frize dogs


playing dogs

Toy dogs are usually small dogs, which show a lot of fun traits that tend to play and entertain others most hours of the day, and despite the fact that these dogs are small in size, they have the ability to defend themselves. About the house and its owners. It is suitable for people who do not have a lot of space, and perhaps the most important breeds that are used for this purpose are:

Greyhound dogs, Italian greyhound dogs, Italian greyhound dogs


Non-sporting dogs

Non-sporting dog group (in English), which is a group of dogs that promise to do any tasks or those tasks that were previously assigned to them, for example, for example, tournament dogs that were previously present. Now you don’t have this job. There is a wide variety of dog breeds that have a wide variety of activities.

American Eskimo dogs, Bichon Frize dogs, Boston Terriers


herding dogs

A group of herding dogs (in English: Herding Dogs Group), which is a group that exists in all countries, and among the benefits of raising herding dogs is to accompany and raise livestock from sheep, cows, and other animals in the pastures, and this type of dog maintains a group of opportunities that enable it to do this task, including; Intelligence, strength and quick movement. These animals have the most important breeds that are used for this purpose:

Australian cattle dogs ,


Belgian Malinois dogs

Border Collie dogs



The most famous dogs around the world


There are many dog breeds known around the world, which were preferred by many people, and perhaps among the most famous types known to people are the following:


Labrador retriever


The Labrador Retriever dog has a very beautiful face, and it is one of the most well-known and popular breeds in the United States of America because of its enjoyable companionship, and these dogs also have a high ability to communicate with humans and with other animals. Labrador Retriever dogs often have a strong, balanced body, and they are very cooperative with family members, and they communicate well with dogs in the area and with people, and they are among the dogs that need training and continuous exercise to maintain physical and mental fitness.


German shepherd


German Shepherd dogs (in English: German Shepherd) are among the best and most famous types of dogs, as this breed is used to carry out many tasks, and one of the most important features that distinguish it is that it is a large dog with a graceful body and has an intelligent, loyal and courageous personality, and its upbringing gives a lot of fun and joy, He is also able to communicate well with others.




Bulldogs are medium-sized dogs that have a somewhat full body, a face distinguished by a wrinkled eyebrow and a raised nose, as well as small ears, and a piece of meat hanging from both sides of the lower jaw. The Bulldog is a gentle and brave dog with a very friendly personality and a good companion for humans, and its shape is very distinctive and known in various parts of the world.




Rottweiler dogs are working and strong dogs, and they often prefer to play the role of protector for family members, so they monitor everything that surrounds them from afar, and they are mostly of medium size, and short black hair covers most of their body. Rottweiler dogs have a calm and courageous personalities, especially if they receive good training, and their behavior does not constitute aggression towards others.


the poodle


Poodle dogs have a very beautiful appearance, and they often impress people because of their beauty and very impressive physical features, and the poodle is one of the most intelligent dog breeds on earth. The poodle is characterized by its high flexibility and the ability to adapt and train in order to become suitable for any task assigned to it. It is also a loyal and friendly dog that prefers to communicate with others.





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