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Beauty standards differ in different times, places, and people, but there are some aesthetic standards that persist and remain no matter how different times, civilizations, and cultures differ. And fertility and physical health, which qualifies the individual to be a successful husband in the future, and these standards can be considered among the basic standards of beauty in various countries of the world, with the availability of other standards that differ from time to time and from one people to another.


Differences in global beauty standards


In 2014, some researchers at the University of Antwerp in Belgium conducted a study to discover international beauty standards for both men and women. The study included more than five thousand European adolescents. His face is like a wide jaw, and women’s beauty standards are represented in having feminine features in their faces, such as the soft and delicate details of facial features.


When they expanded the study to include a number of African, Asian, South American, and Russian countries, the study revealed that the standards of beauty in small and remote societies differ from those in urban and developed societies, which is represented in men having feminine and delicate features instead of masculine and broad features, in addition to the preference of some countries Chubby and plump women over women with thin legs.


The study also emphasized the need to pay attention to psychological aesthetic criteria when choosing a life partner, rather than focusing only on physical aesthetic criteria, as a good heart, good behaviors, and positive thoughts are very important factors for leading a happy and successful life.


The most prominent global beauty standards


Many agree on a number of international aesthetic standards for women, including having a slender body and slender waist, the softness and sweetness of the voice while speaking, long and flowing hair, a cheerful face and a permanent smile, wide eyes with long eyelashes and prominent cheeks, while height, eye color, hair color, and nature vary. According to individuals and what is prevalent or rare in any society.


As for the most prominent international beauty standards for men, they are represented by tallness, broad chest, and shoulders, an athletic body, prominent muscles, eyes with tender and compassionate looks, strong and prominent facial features, with beard hair emerging in a light and consistent manner, while some believe that baldness is one of the most important standards of beauty for men. The man, however, prefers the density of the head hair in men over baldness.


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