Breeding cats at home

Breeding cats


Although raising cats is an enjoyable thing for many people, they need to provide many basic needs, including the following:




Cats must be offered a good diet that depends on many factors; such as age, activity level, and health, and the veterinarian may help examine the cat and determine the best diet suitable for it, and clean and pure water must be provided to it throughout the day, taking into account washing the water bowl continuously and maintaining its cleanliness.  In the event that signs of loss appear. Appetite in cats, diarrhea, vomiting, or lethargy for more than two days, you should see a doctor to find out the causes of these symptoms until they are treated.




Cats are distinguished by their ability to maintain their cleanliness for a good period, however, it is recommended to clean and comb them continuously and regularly, which maintains their general cleanliness, and reduces hair loss and the percentage of hairballs as well.


method of pregnancy


To carry cats correctly, one hand must be placed behind the front legs of the cat and the other hand in the back, taking into account avoiding carrying the cat by the neck or the front legs only.




To keep cats from infectious diseases, fleas, and the danger of dogs, cars, and others, it is recommended that the place of residence of cats inside the house be in a clean, dry, and warm place that is constantly cleaned, which contributes to increasing the life of cats.


litter box


To maintain the cleanliness of the house, it is recommended to put a litter box for cats that enable them to eliminate their needs in a safe and clean manner, so it is recommended to place this box in an easy-to-reach place, taking into account avoiding changing its place except in necessary cases gradually, and the box should be cleaned daily because cats do not use it if It was smelly and dirty.


health care


It is recommended to see the veterinarian immediately if the cat is sick or injured, taking into account that she visits the doctor at least once a year to conduct the necessary examinations for her.


Identification card


In the event that you want to take the cat for a walk outside, it is recommended to put a safety collar and an identification card to ensure that it is returned in case it is lost


Healthy habits when raising cats


Breeding cats is not without the risk of transmission of diseases and microbes to people who deal with cats, so it is advised to adhere to healthy habits when raising them, including the following:


  • Wash hands with soap and water when touching or playing with cats, and when cleaning their litter box.
  • Wear gloves while working in the garden that contains cats.
  • Keep cats indoors and away from stray animals outside.
  • Training cats to use their own litter box.
  • Visit the doctor periodically to conduct medical examinations and evaluations, in order to reduce the transmission of diseases.

Common mistakes when raising cats


Cat breeders make many mistakes, especially when it is their first experience raising cats. Here are some of these mistakes:


Neglecting to trim the cat’s claws

Cats have sharp claws, and when they grow without trimming for a long time, they become excruciatingly long for them if you do not use them to scratch for trimming, so it is advised to trim their claws periodically, paying attention to the inability to remove the claws because this causes pain to the cat and is an outlaw behavior in some countries. One of the times that it is recommended to choose for pruning; The cat’s exhaustion times, or the moment she wakes up from a deep sleep.


Buy cheap, unsuitable cat food

Cheap food may sometimes be inappropriate for the cat, so it is advised before buying to check the ingredients of the product and make sure that it contains all the nutrients that the cat needs, as the food must mainly contain high levels of proteins, in addition to the need to choose products with low carbohydrate levels lest carbohydrates cause the cat to gain weight and the emergence of diseases.


Ignoring the treatment of diseases in cats

You should visit the veterinarian as soon as possible when you notice the emergence of a disease in cats, as the disease may develop when neglecting follow-up and become more serious after it was very simple, and the discovery of diseases and follow-up from the beginning saves treatment costs for other things that their breeders were indispensable about.


Provide cats with large amounts of food

Cats must be provided with the amounts of food they need only, as the cat is liable to gain weight if the quantities of food provided to it exceed its need, and you can use the instructions accompanying the cat or visit the veterinarian to help establish a suitable diet for the cat, and in general the cats’ need for food differs according to their age and health condition.


Neglecting to examine cats periodically

Cats must visit the veterinarian periodically to ensure that they are healthy and free from diseases. Cat diseases may develop without their owners noticing them. Among the things that the veterinarian examines are the following:

cat hair. ear. the teeth. the eyes. The skin below the hair. Weight check. blood test.


Benefits of raising cats


Cat breeding has many psychological and social benefits, including the following:


  • Reducing exposure to stress, which leads to a feeling of relaxation and contentment.
  • Feeling energetic, youthful and energetic, and increasing the sense of responsibility towards others.
  • Making the atmosphere of happiness, joy, and laughter pervade the house while increasing the sense of peace.
  • Helping children learn multiple lessons in trust, empathy, love, and care.
  • Reducing the risk of developing asthma and allergies when raising pets during childhood in children, according to a number of studies in the United Kingdom and the United States of America.


Disadvantages of raising cats


Breeding cats brings many disadvantages to their owners, including the following:


  • Excessive cat hair loss, which requires great effort in continuous and periodic cleaning of the house.
  • The unpleasant smell of cat droppings causes inconvenience, and the cat’s owner may not be for the first time She is always ready to clean her toilet.
  • Cats’ constant desire to scratch things may disturb cat breeders because of their keenness on their furniture, and it is recommended to purchase a special scratching post to meet the cat’s desires and reduce the possibility of damage to the furniture.
  • Catophobia can cause a lot of trouble, as some people may refrain from visiting houses whose owners have cats.
    The high costs of veterinarians, with the need to visit them constantly, require financial allocations for the cat’s health care.
  • Cats love to hunt small prey, and the matter may not stop at catching them, but may bring them home with them.
  • The extreme stubbornness of cats and their refusal to receive orders and submit to them easily.
  • Petting cats causes them to scratch and bite their owners unintentionally.
  • Frequent cat vomit-cleaning tasks.
  • Disturbing cats when they wake up before their owners, and this may be in the early morning or even in the middle of the night.



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