Working women so that they do not get lost between work and home tasks

Many factors deplete the energy of working women


Meetings, letters, work pressure, followed by housework and caring for children… many factors drain the energy of a working woman. Some tips can strike the required balance between work and home duties and between your self-interest and your social relationships.


The end of the working day does not mean relaxation for most working mothers, as it is the beginning of a different kind of work, whether in preparing food, following up on children’s lessons, or shopping, and therefore there is no time for hobbies or meeting friends. The loss of free time involves great dangers, as it weakens the energy and strength needed for the following days.


Despite the difficulty of the matter, there are some tips, which were reviewed by the German “Bild der Frau” website, which can help to balance work and free time and charge the energy needed to start a new day.


To-do list: Clutter usually leads to wasted time and thus increases stress and anxiety. Therefore, experts advise preparing a list of duties that must be done for the next day. This method helps not to forget any of the tasks in addition to organizing appointments and making the most of the time despite its constraints.


Set your priorities: Making a to-do list doesn’t mean it’s overcrowded. So it is important to prioritize and let go of things that can be postponed or that are not urgent.


Asking for help: When burdens accumulate in the workplace, a colleague can be asked if he can help, which is possible, especially since you will show your willingness to help this colleague when he is exposed to the same situation.


Do not give up the break: Whatever the size of the tasks that await you in the office, do not give up the afternoon break, and it is preferable to spend it in an open place because that is the magic key to charging the energy needed to complete the work day and home tasks later.


No, to work at home: Responding to work messages while watching TV at home in the evening, or constantly thinking about work problems is not constructive, as it hinders relaxation and enjoyment of the available free time, according to the “Bild der Frau” report.


Plan for homework: Many women stress that housework is endless, especially with children. But what is certain is that continuous cleaning on a daily basis does not lead to a pile-up of many tasks on a weekend.


Weekly schedule: Phone call to children’s school or call maintenance guy… Additional tasks that can easily be forgotten. It is useful to create a weekly schedule that combines these small and various tasks, which can be completed in one evening.


It is indispensable to meet friends: No matter how tired you feel after a long day at work, you should never give up meeting friends, because that in itself is enough to restore vitality and activity. Experts advise that these meetings take place immediately after work, as returning home first is enough to eliminate the plans for the meeting.


Pamper yourself: Going to the hairdresser or to a massage session is enough to give you feelings of inner happiness that will help you to deal with work and home matters. Therefore, it is important to make sure to find appointments in close periods to do these things. And even those who do not find enough time for these things, can simply enjoy private time taking care of their beauty at home.


Quiet weekend: Some people make the mistake of setting all appointments during the weekend, thus missing the opportunity to relax, which is the first goal of this weekend.





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