How to breed Australia’s Finches

How to raise Australia’s Finches


Australian bird food

Australian finches, which are also called budgerigars, are considered a type of talking ornamental bird. This bird depends on grains, vegetables, some types of fresh fruits, and fats that help it maintain its body temperature, especially in the winter.


If the Australian finches are placed inside the house, the light infiltrating from the windows is not sufficient to meet their vitamin D needs, and in this case, the place should be provided with appropriate fluorescent lamps.

Choose a companion

When the Australian sparrow is one year old, it is good to have him mate, and when the two birds begin to hold their beaks, this means that mating will take place soon, but when choosing a companion for the Australian sparrow, one should make sure that they are not related to a relationship, because this may lead to genetic mutations, which contribute to the deformity. chicks.

Create a mating environment

When wanting to make the Australian finches mate, the couple should be separated in a large cage by themselves, and a small nest with pine shavings should be placed inside the cage, and food should be provided in a larger amount than usual during pregnancy and childbirth.

Australian sparrow chick food

There are many feeds for chicks Australian birds available in various stores, and the chicks’ food should contain nutrients, minerals, and vitamins in the right proportions, and here it is better to resort to an expert when choosing the feed, and it is also important to follow the instructions on the feed package and provide them with food at a medium temperature Between 40 and 45 degrees Celsius, a thermometer can be used to determine this.

How to feed Aussie chicks

Australian finches can be fed using a plastic spoon with curved edges, or using a large syringe. Where the syringe enables the breeder to determine the amount of food accurately, and in collecting cases it is necessary to make sure that the food tools are well sterilized, and as soon as you click on the beak of the chick, he will open his mouth and eat, but he must be careful in feeding him because he needs time to swallow.




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