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We grew up listening to the stories of the great men who made a difference in their community and dreamed of becoming like them one day. This dream begins to fade when we face the hardships of actual life. The bottom line, there is no easy path to success. Even the heroes we grew up reading about didn’t get it on a plate, and yet, we always wondered how they did it.


And how to be a successful person? Do you know how to be successful in your life?
You may also be wondering why no one who works hard succeeds.
There is not one, but many reasons why only a few out of millions know what success is. The qualities of successful people seem to share some distinguishing features, such as that they are all hardworking, focused, efficient, determined, and trying to achieve a practical goal. There could be more traits they have in common and perhaps the combination of these traits is what sets them apart from the rest.
Although there are no specific rules or behavioral patterns for achieving success, there are some simple practices that may help you get ahead in your life.
Here are 11 ways to achieve success and be a successful person:
Follow the following steps carefully to know how to be successful in your life.



1. Build courage within yourself

You can be a highly competent person, but what’s the point if you don’t realize it yourself? You need the courage to take action and only actions can increase your level of self-confidence. It is imperative that you test your limits, to see what you are capable of and unless you muster up the courage to take the first step you will not move forward.



2. Developing social skills

In today’s world, you need to have both intellect and social skills in order to grow. A study showed that social skills and cognitive abilities had nothing to do with success in the 1980’s, but today they are. You have to be smart and also popular at the same time to be successful in the 21st century.



3. Promote positive thinking

Successful people never doubt their intentions or their ability. Train yourself to think positively, to always expect the positive outcome. Positive thinking encourages action and only actions in the right direction bring you closer to success.



4. Learning from failure

Successful people learn from failure, whether it be someone else’s or their own. Failure is not the end but only part of your journey to success. You can only learn to improve yourself through failures. Failures are lessons, not disappointments. It has been observed that successful people see failure as an opportunity for growth.



5. Simplify your thoughts

Always know what you want. You may want a lot of things at the same time but figure out what you want most. Achieving this means success. It is important to first decide what your goal is and then work towards it so that you don’t feel lost after you have already invested so much in it.



6. Maintain your relationships

Let’s face it, you can get by on your own. You need people to support you, to be there for you when needed and also to cheer you up when you finally get there.
So appreciate the help you get from the people around you and maintain your relationships with them. Having others around makes you happy, and it’s hard to succeed if you’re not happy.



7. Seek as much knowledge as possible

Knowledge and wisdom are the keys to success. Therefore, gather knowledge from wherever you can and wisdom through experience. You can also draw knowledge from conversations with other people. They may know things that you don’t. You can also benefit from their experiences. So, keep your mind open and learn as much as you can.



8. Try to channel your emotions

It’s not that successful people don’t have emotion. But they know how to hash. There will be a lot of ups and downs in life but you cannot let it affect your goal. Learn how to channel negative emotions and stay focused, so that you can move forward no matter what life throws at you.



9. Always push your boundaries

In order to grow, you need to keep improving yourself. You cannot afford to have a fixed limit to what you do if you have a goal in mind. Try to expand your boundaries and you’ll be surprised at what you can actually do.
“Whatever I partake in, I must pay extraordinarily.” – Andrew Carnegie



10. Do it yourself

While it is true that you will need the support and cooperation of others in order to succeed, try not to rely on them too much for the things that you can do on your own. If something needs to be done and it’s within your ability to do it, don’t wait for others.



11. Have a plan, but be flexible

If you know what your goal is in life, it is easier to find a way to reach it. But you need to make a solid plan before you start the journey. In case you have not prepared a well-founded plan beforehand, there is a high possibility of stagnation after a certain point.


However, it would also be unwise for you to remain too strict in your plan. If you hit a better idea halfway through, changing your course would be the right thing to do.
Only you decide if you are truly successful or not. Success may mean one thing to you and another to the person next to you. Success ultimately continues to prove whether or not you are happy with yourself.
If a simple, easy life makes you happy, you don’t need to build empires to be successful. Therefore, in order to be successful, first find out what exactly success means to you.




Ali Adham

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