For young people 10 tips for how to manage your time

young people how do manage your time perfectly


You may have read a lot of articles and books about time management, but none of these methods have proven practical for you. When it comes to time and the completion of necessary and urgent tasks, the soul tends to procrastinate and get distracted away from focusing on the main task. Good time management will in turn reflect on your life and the quality of your work. If you are still suffering from chaos and work pressures as a result of not managing time, these are some tips that teach you how to manage your time in the best possible way.


1. Use to-do lists
Today is a blank page, if you fill it with useful activities and tasks, you will get good results. To-do lists are important to know what you want to do with your day. What are the most important activities? What urgent tasks do you want to get done first? You can use paper and pen and write down these tasks, but it is more effective to write down the tasks for the next evening so that you can decide to get up early or save some hours in the day to get things done urgent and important, and you can use a free application to make it easier for you, such as todoist.


2. Set your personal goals
If you do not know where you will be and what you want to accomplish after 6 months or a year from today, you are probably wasting your time, because whoever focuses on what is important knows his goals for the year, two years, and even for ten years. Your personal goals will keep your focus after defining them and knowing what you want to achieve after these. The period of time, your time that you spend daily will be a part and a small step to achieving something bigger and this will keep you alert and feeling the importance of managing your time.



3. Set your priorities
Whether in personal goals or daily to-do lists, what judges their effectiveness is to accomplish the necessary things first, for example, if you have a personal goal to learn an educational course that will take you 3 months next to the daily work from which you earn your income, the priority here is very important, and you can know it with some questions The simple things that you ask yourself so that things become clear to you, in the to-do lists, for example, you will write 3-5 tasks to accomplish per day, then compare them, which are urgent, which are important, and which can be delayed, and you can use numbers or colors to distinguish between them.


4. Watch your time
In order to be able to accomplish the important activities and achieve your goals at the end of the period, you must first get to know the unimportant activities in your life so that you can replace them with other things, such as working on some projects or completing additional services for five years. Using an app like Rescuetime or Klok, you can see the activities you spend on your device in hours and compare them so you know how to organize your time and what activities you can eliminate or benefit from.


5. Don’t procrastinate
It is very easy to plan, set goals and prepare to-do lists, but when it comes time to work, there is nothing wrong with five minutes browsing Facebook, reading some blogs, watching YouTube, and following the news. Many fail at this stage, but no one knows the reason or even deals with this matter, which happens either by Putting off work or stepping away from it simply. You can stop this procrastination when you become aware of your actions. Every time you stray from the main task and useful activity, pause for a moment to know that it is not just minutes, but that it will turn into a loss of the whole day, especially since you work independently and the work order is up to you.



6. Set a time for the end of work
One of the most important reasons for procrastination and distraction is that we do not set a time for the end of work on the necessary things, which makes our focus weaken somewhat towards what is important and we do not find the required enthusiasm to continue. And know your capabilities and how these tasks can be accomplished in fewer times than they are without compromising the quality or accuracy of the work.


7. Avoid stress when you’re busy
Some working conditions, multiplication of tasks, and requests from customers may force you to feel pressure. It is true that sometimes the matter is not in your hands, but you can imagine your performance and the quality of work that you produce in this case and the quality of work when you work in normal conditions. Try as much as possible to deal with the matter comfortably without affecting your nerves and psyche. At work, this will only make things worse.


8. Don’t multitask
Many of us imagine that we can finish the work if he performs several tasks at the same time, but the amount of energy that we will expend on three consecutive tasks is the same if we do it at one time, but it may take more time at that time. Time management is not only about time but it must pay attention to your focus and energy as well. If you can fully focus on finishing one task after another, then you can get it done in less time and move on to the next task.


9. Get rid of notifications
Don’t put yourself in the crosshairs, meaning don’t allow mail, Facebook, Twitter, chats, etc. notifications to get you while you’re working on what’s important. Turn off all unimportant notifications if you’re working and need to focus. Allow only urgent things that can’t be postponed. Then you will feel that you have relieved a heavy burden that you are indispensable.


10. Get plenty of rest
Finally, after completing each stressful activity, take a good rest so that you can regain your activity, especially if these activities are not related to each other, then you will rest mentally and physically and you will be able to prepare for the next activity with a good amount of energy and focus, and it is advised to take an hour nap during the day on the long work day Sleeping is one of the most important activities that will support your physical and mental health to function well.


These are some tips that you can practice to learn how to manage your time well to get better results in your work and in your life, and it remains to know that continuing to do any advice that proves its efficiency in your life is one of the necessary things until you reach the life system that achieves the best results and successes, and you can also share with us your advice to work And manage your time to benefit from it.





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